Simplicity Uprights

Simplicity brand shares your pride in American products.

Did you know that many old, respected, American brand name machines are NO longer being manufactured here in the USA?

The vacuum cleaner you buy today is NOT the same quality your grandmother had. We see the difference in quality and durability because we are the Authorized Repair Center for many of these old brand names. Parts that used to be made of metal are now plastic. A Machine that used to last 20 years … now has a useful life-span down to about 2 years! There are over 40 models we could sell, but we don’t carry — because they just are NOT durable. We see them come through our repair center every day.

The Simplicity Synchrony

Two motors are better than one!

The Tandem air system! This vacuum utilizes both a clean air and direct air motor system – in tandem to create the first and only vacuum cleaner to provide exceptional carpet cleaning, advanced filtration, and the convenience of onboard tools in one machine.

Actually, getting the motors to work in tandem is a little more complicated than just sticking them into the machine. It requires balancing just the right mix of high-suction pressure with high airflow. So while you might find other machines out there with two motors, none work together like the Synchrony with two motors that actually clean.

Have you ever had a vacuum with weak suction? These two motors will astonish you with how much power they give this vacuum. Even if the details of two motors seems confusing, you can imagine how two motors work together and create the best cleaning experience on the market. For those of you who like details, the workings can be read here: Details on two motors in Synchony and Synergy lines

Model Type Premium
Power Revolutionary dual motors
Warranty 5 year
Filtration 7 layer HEPA and charcoal with HiFlow HEPA bags
Brushroll Steel with 2 rows replaceable brushstrips
Handle Spring Assist Handle
Cord Length 35 Feet
On-board Tools Included
‘Full bag’ light Yes
Headlamps Twin Xenon lights
Surface Selector Carpet/floor Switch
Versatility 5 position carpet heights, automatic setting
Color Cranberry

The Simplicity Freedom Line

Starting at $199.95!

Yes, this is America’s best cleaning 8 pound vacuum

It’s called the Freedom for a reason

The Simplicity Freedom absolutely lives up to its name. At only 8 pounds, it gives you the freedom to work upstairs, downstairs and on the stairs with ease. Plus, as with all Simplicity vacuums, it picks up deep down dirt efficiently. Click below to learn more about this vacuum.

Additional details click here

Simplicity Freedom models:

F3300 F3500 F3700
Model Type Household Household Household
Power 5.5 Amps 5.5 Amps 5.5 Amps,
2 Speed Settings
Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years
Filtration Paper Bag HEPA Bag HEPA Bag
Squeegee Yes
Brushroll Wood Wood Steel with
Hall™ Sensor Yes
On/Off Switch On Nozzle On Handle On Handle
Wheel Type 4 Plastic 4 Rubber with
Brass Bushings
6 Rubber with
Brass Bushings
Handle Grip Rubber Ergonomic Looped Ergonomic Looped
Cord Length 30 Feet 30 Feet 30 Feet
Color Dove Gray Jade Green Graphite

The Simplicity Symmetry Line

Starting at $199.95!

The Simplicity Symmetry vacuum cleaner offers value at a low price! Like all Simplicity vacuums, the Symmetry line uses all metal where it matters, so you don’t have to worry about those high-wear areas on your new vacuum wearing out!  These machines are made in the USA.

Simplicity Symmetry Classic Vacuum Cleaner

Symmetry Classic

The Classic Symmetry clean air vacuum cleaner is an outstanding value in cleaning performance, filtration and durability. The Classic Symmetry has metal where it matters and a host of tools for effectively your home.

Steel brushroll with replaceable brushstrips
HiFlow™ HEPA vacuum bag
ReadyReach™ hose, crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush
Morning Glory
3 year warranty
Built in the USA

Symmetry Deluxe

Symmetry Deluxe

4 Year bumper-to-bumper warranty
Bottom Plate: Metal
Steel Brushroll with two rows of replaceable brush strips
Handle Tube: Gorgeous brushed aluminum
Filtration: Electrostatic filter, HiFlow HEPA vacuum bag
Surface Selector: On nozzle to clean bare floors On-Board Tools: A fabulous collection including a ReadyReach hose, a crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush
Cord Length: A long 30 feet
Made In The USA

Entry Deluxe Premium with Belt Protection
Model Type Household Household Premium
Power 10 Amps 12 Amps 12 Amps
Warranty 3 years 4 years with 2 year Service Plan visits 4 years with 2 year Service Plan visits
Filtration Foam Filter Electrostatic filter with HEPA Bag HEPA and charcoal filters with HEPA Bag
Brushroll Wood Chrome Steel with two rows of replaceable brushstrips Chrome Steel with two rows of replaceable brushstrips
Onboard tools included Yes Yes Yes
Cord Length 24 feet 30 feet 30 feet
On/Off Switch On body On handle On handle
Handle Grip Plastic Brushed Aluminum Brushed Aluminum
Headlamp Yes Yes
Color White Black Metallic Pool Blue


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